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5 Easy Ways to Amp Up Your Workout

Wes: amp studio instructor loves a fun, hard-charging workout

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Here are 5 proven ways to amp up your workout at amp studio that can help you reengage your body, re-energize your spirit, and get you the results you want. It happens to everyone—you’re cruising along through your daily workouts when suddenly you realize that you’ve hit a plateau. The scale isn’t moving, you’re becoming bored, and your workout is just one more box you check on your daily list of “to-dos.” While we are all about establishing good, consistent habits, it’s important to understand that routine doesn’t always equal results. In fact, it can equal “rut” if you aren’t careful.

Turn it up!

The resistance that is. If you are cruising through a 50-minute cycle class without missing a beat, you don’t have enough resistance on your bike, period. If you want to see your calorie burn climb, then you have to climb a little too. Your “flat road” is never a resistance-free zone. You should always have at least two turns on your resistance knob at all times—more if you are a seasoned rider.

When the instructor tells you to turn it up—do it! Don’t worry if you are struggling—that’s the point. There is strength in that struggle. It doesn’t mean you aren’t fit—it means you are pushing past limits and creating change. Don’t believe me? Check your tracker after a hill climb versus a sprint. How’s that output looking? You’re welcome.

Add in strength training

All cardio and no strength will not change your body composition in a significant way. Yes, cardio will help you lose weight, and of course, it is great for your heart health, but if you want to see your body become a lean, mean, calorie and fat-burning machine, you’ve got to add in strength training a couple of times per week. Try our amp Athlete and Cycle + Athlete classes and watch your body transform.

Lift heavier

“But I’m already doing strength training.” Okay, we see you, but be honest with yourself—are you really challenging yourself with your weight load? A good rule of thumb is that if you can hammer out 12 reps without a struggle, it’s time to increase the load. Your last two to three reps of any exercise should be difficult to execute. Again, don’t worry about what other people think. You have to push your muscles to fatigue to build them up. Doing the same thing week after week is only going to get you the same results. You want different results? You’ve got to do something different.


Keep your body guessing by throwing in some different activities. Go for a run, walk, or swim. Try a yoga, pilates, or bosu class. Keep your body on its toes by never letting it grow too accustomed to one thing. Variety is the spice of life—and workouts!

amp up by resting

We know it sounds counterintuitive, but you have to incorporate rest days into your workouts to let your muscles rebuild and grow. Overtraining not only leads to physical exhaustion (which can lead to injury), it leads to mental burnout. There is power in pausing to recover. Only then can you come back faster, stronger, and ready to work.

Follow these 5 easy tips to Amp up your Workout at amp studio. Crank up your fitness with our electrifying combination of high intensity, low impact, beat based cycle and strength workouts. Each class at amp studio is led by our highly trained team of amp studio instructors. We’ve created a community where EVERYONE feels welcome. Our classes are designed for anyone regardless of age, fitness level, or gender. Book a class so that you can see how easy it is to amp up YOUR workout.

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