We are inclusive, friendly and open to all levels of fitness.

Crank up your fitness with our electrifying combination of high intensity, low impact, beat based cycle and strength workouts. Each class at amp studio is led by our highly trained team of amp studio instructors. We’ve created a community where EVERYONE feels welcome. Our classes are designed for anyone regardless of age, fitness level, or gender.


These are the high energy, beat driven cycling classes you love, inspired by the Texas music scene, and the energy of San Antonio’s culture. Powerful and dynamic, amp studio cycle classes are for everyone from beginners to the cycle-obsessed.


The amp studios format puts the energy, intensity, and “fun” in functional fitness through cycling and strength classes led by a team of highly qualified, energetic, and nationally accredited instructors. We use our knowledge and expertise to guide you through powerful workouts  to maximize efficiency and deliver results, safely and effectively.


Beyond building strong bodies, the amp studio experience is designed to build strong communities. Here you will find “all your people,” whether you want to establish good habits, or you’re an athlete wants to amplify performance. We create a fitness journey for all levels to help you improve mobility, flexibility, and strength.

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You've purchased a class, now let's reserve your spot. Click on our schedule for the location near you. Select your desired class and find the spot where you want to get amped. Don't want to try amp studio alone? Invite a friend :)


You will receive two emails from us. The first confirms your class purchase. The second email confirms your spot in your amp studio class. Pro tip: don't be that person who buys a bunch of classes, but forgets to book a spot.