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General Manager Kristin Buchhorn Is AMP-Ing Up Our Fitness Studios

San Antonio Fitness Studio

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AMP-ing Up our Fitness Studios!

With her short, platinum hair and her big, rugged Jeep “Binx,” new amp studio General Manager Kristin Buchhorn is a force to be reckoned with in our two San Antonio fitness studios. Her energy and attention to detail have been instrumental in creating a recharged “amp-mosphere” at amp studio. No job is too big or too small for this powerhouse who, when she isn’t training staff or making instructors’ and members’ lives easier with her mad organizational skills, can be found doing anything from painting the walls, to coming up with fun and innovative ways to get everyone in our community amp-ed up. Although she rarely stops moving, we caught up with Kristin (affectionately known to us at KB), to find out what drives this energetic former soccer player to bring her A-game each and every day.

AMP: Tell us about your soccer/fitness career.

KB: My parents signed me up for soccer when I was five years old and it became my passion. I played on school teams, city leagues, and private clubs all the way through college at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches. After college, I found similar joy in group fitness studio classes at local studios because it provided me with the social aspect of a team, with a little friendly competition between peers, and it allowed me to continue to focus on health.

AMP: We were happy to be one of the studios that you joined! What many people may not realize is that you were a regular rider before taking on the role of GM. What made you want to work for Amp Studios?

KB: Yes, I was a rider for about three years before working at Amp Studios, so I already knew and respected the Amp family. All of the instructors and staff have always been so incredible, and the studio itself has always been a happy place for me. When the opportunity to join the team was presented to me, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

AMP: We are glad you did! What does your role as GM entail?

KB: My responsibilities are fluid and varied. The overarching goal is to ensure that everyone who walks in the door of our studios gets to enjoy a first-rate group fitness class. To achieve this goal, I work behind the scenes on tasks including member service, staff team training, instructor team support, studio events and challenges, facility maintenance, and company growth.

AMP: That’s a lot of responsibilities. What is your favorite part of your job?

KB: The best hours for me are the ones when I am working the desk shift and can interact with our community of rockstar instructors and wonderful members. Getting a workout in during the day is also a spectacular bonus.

AMP: In addition to everything you do at amp studio, you and your husband have your own business. Tell us what you guys do.

KB: We sure do! Carl Electric is a family-run electrical contracting company. We do all kinds of work, but I manage commercial projects, which can include renovations or finish-outs to retail spaces or new multi-story buildings for offices and restaurants. We also work closely with several partners including H-E-B and COSA which allows us to put together festivals or events downtown.

AMP: Sounds like you stay busy. What do you do in your free time?

KB: Days “off” are rare for us, but when the free afternoon arises, I enjoy walking the river or cruising around in my Jeep with my pup, Guinevere. She is an 11-year-old terrier mix that we rescued when she was six weeks old. My husband and I are foodies, so we make time to go out for a nice dinner every few weeks, and I will always say yes to a coffee outing.

AMP: Speaking of your Jeep, why do you call it Binx?

KB: October aka Halloween season is my favorite time of year, hands down. Binx or Thackeray Binx is the black cat from the movie Hocus Pocus. Since the Jeep is blacked out, I liked the relation to the black cat. Plus, Winifred wasn’t as catchy a name.

AMP: As you mentioned, you love a good cup of Joe. What’s your favorite coffee shop and why?

KB: My favorite is PJ’s coffee out of Louisiana, not necessarily because of the coffee (although it is great), but because I have great memories of drinking iced milk there as a kiddo while my family had coffee. In San Antonio, Summer Moon is my current go-to. They have great coffee beans, the moon milk is superb, and they already have their autumn flavors out.

AMP: You are super organized. Give us some tips and tricks for getting on your level.

KB: The “reminders” app is the one trick that saves me. For those of us who are pulled in different directions all day, we rarely get time to finish one task before three more issues arise to pull our focus. With this app, you tell Siri to remind you to call someone later, or to e-mail someone at 4 p.m. This saves me all the time and keeps me from dropping the ball on anything.

AMP: Paper or digital planner?

KB: BOTH! I use my digital planner throughout the day to add, delete, edit, change, plan, etc. Each evening I sit down with my paper planner and write out the next day’s time blocs and to-do’s. I will reference the paper planner during the day to ensure that I am sticking to my time blocking, but I don’t write in it or edit it during the day. Everything is in my digital planner and I use that each evening to finalize the next day’s plan for success.

AMP: Final, and MOST IMPORTANT question: What’s your absolute favorite song to cycle to?

KB: What?! Pick ONE?! Trick question! For a celebration theme, I like Shake Yo Tailfeather. For lost in a dark room focus I like Paint it Black.

You can learn more about Kristin by following her on Instagram @kristinbuchhorn


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