Top 7 Ways to Unleash Your Tennis Potential at Amp Studio

The Power of Functional Strength Training for Better Tennis Tennis is a game of finesse and power, where players need to be at the top of their physical game to perform at their best. The constant sprinting, pivoting, and explosive shots can take a toll on the body, making injury prevention a top priority for […]

Top 10 Front Row CEO Gift Ideas 2022

gift guide, hat, journal, nest candle, necklace, tecovas cowboy boots, cycle classes, tank top, athletic clothing

Holiday Gift Ideas 2022 Every year I look forward to holiday gift guides. Both from a giving perspective and let’s be real, to receive as well. I believe that the best gift ideas are curated and thoughtful. They reflect the personality of the person giving and receiving the gift. From my college-aged daughter to our […]

5 Easy Ways to Amp Up Your Workout

Wes: amp studio instructor loves a fun, hard-charging workout

Here are 5 proven ways to amp up your workout at amp studio that can help you reengage your body, re-energize your spirit, and get you the results you want. It happens to everyone—you’re cruising along through your daily workouts when suddenly you realize that you’ve hit a plateau. The scale isn’t moving, you’re becoming […]

5 Benefits of In-Person Workouts That You Won’t Get Virtually

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5 Benefits of In-Person Workouts That You Won’t Get Virtually Name one thing that has had a bigger impact on the fitness industry than Covid. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Can’t think of one? That’s because the 2020 closures of gyms and boutique studios, coupled with the subsequent restrictions on those businesses completely redefined the way […]