Top 10 Front Row CEO Gift Ideas 2022

gift guide, hat, journal, nest candle, necklace, tecovas cowboy boots, cycle classes, tank top, athletic clothing

Holiday Gift Ideas 2022 Every year I look forward to holiday gift guides. Both from a giving perspective and let’s be real, to receive as well. I believe that the best gift ideas are curated and thoughtful. They reflect the personality of the person giving and receiving the gift. From my college-aged daughter to our […]

Amp Up Your Nutrition with the 2023 3D-Fit Challenge with Julie Dudley

Introducing nutritionist Julie Dudley Hello!  I am excited about participating in your journey to stay healthy through the brand new 2023 3D-Fit Challenge at amp studio. I want to help you ditch the diet mentality and eliminate all the “rules” you place on yourself about eating.  Healthy looks different for everyone, and there is no […]

A Smarter Snack Bar

a smarter snack bar

A Smarter Snack Bar Han.gry/adjective/irritable or angry because of hunger. If you’ve ever been hangry you know how easy it is to rip open a bag of chips or dive into your coworker’s candy bowl, derailing your healthy eating habits. That’s where a little planning and preparation can help. Grab and go protein bars are […]

A Smoothie Start to Your Day

Mornings can be hectic between trying to hit the gym, get the kids to school, and being in the office by 8 a.m. As a result, breakfast can fall by the wayside, replaced by a sugary coffee drink to power you through. And while that triple venti latte might give you an initial boost, the […]