Top 10 Front Row CEO Gift Ideas 2022

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Holiday Gift Ideas 2022 Every year I look forward to holiday gift guides. Both from a giving perspective and let’s be real, to receive as well. I believe that the best gift ideas are curated and thoughtful. They reflect the personality of the person giving and receiving the gift. From my college-aged daughter to our […]

Team Profile: Morgan Glasson Has A Lot to Be Proud Of

Meet Morgan All. My. People. That’s what we at amp studios take pride in. Our commitment to inclusion extends beyond our members to include our diverse team of instructors and staff, our team, who come in a variety of races, ages, genders, sizes, and sexual orientations. We celebrate our differences because we know that’s what […]

Our Community Takes PRIDE In All My People

There is an expression that says that the more things change, the more they stay the same. At amp studios, our name may have changed, but our core values remain the same. Specifically, our community’s commitment to community, inclusion, and diversity. In fact, that commitment is where the idea for our new name originated. Owner […]

Amazing Client Profile: Meet Kristin Meyer

Client Profile: Meet Kristin Meyer In January 2021, Kristin Meyer could barely jog two miles. In December 2021, the 58-year-old amp studio client crossed the finish line of her first half-marathon, running 13.1 miles without stopping. It is a feat that this mom and grandmother never thought she’d accomplish at this stage of life. But […]