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A Smoothie Start to Your Day

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Mornings can be hectic between trying to hit the gym, get the kids to school, and being in the office by 8 a.m. As a result, breakfast can fall by the wayside, replaced by a sugary coffee drink to power you through. And while that triple venti latte might give you an initial boost, the crash is real. For long-lasting energy without empty calories, start your day with fruit instead.

“Fruit is best eaten alone and at the beginning of your day,” says Gabrielle Brick, Holistic Nutrition Specialist, and Executive Coach, adding that it gives our bodies the natural sugars (carbohydrates) we need, and takes only 30-60 minutes to digest fully. “In addition, fruit is a detoxifier, so it further helps the body break its fast with easy digestion and a boost of energy.”

Just as convenient as your morning coffee, a fruit smoothie can be assembled the night before, blended, and taken on your morning commute. For a smooth start to your day, try one of Brick’s recipes below:

Breakfast Berry Smoothie

1 cup organic mixed berries

1-2 cups of organic coconut water

1 tsp raw organic honey


1/2 cup organic chopped pineapple

1/2 cup organic chopped mango

1-2 cups organic coconut water

Want something more substantial? Try this heavier blend for some properly combined fruit and flare:

1 organic banana

2 TBSP carob powder

1/2 cup organic coconut milk

1/2 to 1 cup spring water

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